More Appreciation for Our Teachers

Posted by SM Bruner on

A shiny apple. The handwritten bright red “A” at the top right margin of wide-lined paper. A welcoming morning greeting. Chalk dust. It’s Teacher Appreciation week; a time to recall those special educators that made a difference for you. I’m unable to focus on “the one” teacher who made an impact, but rather see a mosaic of faces who left their mark.  Mrs. Berry, my 1st AND 2nd grade teacher taught me to share and show compassion to others. Mr. Martin, my 5th grade teacher, taught me to eat right, or rather his “healthy class mouse” did, who fared far better than his “junk food” counterpart.  Mr. Hassig, in 8th grade history, taught me to persevere… his class was insanely challenging and I learned so much. Mr. Gould, my high school debate coach, taught me confidence in front of a group. Mrs. Wyatt, at the University of Kansas, inspired me to teach and change the lives of others. Teacher Appreciation Week! Shiny Apples! Shiny Faces! Show your appreciation to those who’ve made an impact on you….