Webinar Alert: Podcasting With Passion

Podcasting with Passion
Wednesday, April 28
*6:30 PM EDT
Duration: 1 Hour
Brent Coley, of elementary school podcast fame for his ColeyCasts, shares his experiences of creating podcasts with his students, and ideas on how teachers might use podcasting in the classroom. PC or mac, 1st grade or 8th, everyone will leave inspired to try something new out with your students.

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  • Shayla

    This was an amazing webinar! I’m so excited to start planning for the new year. I also like the idea of raffling off of cds for the studycasts for the students who don’t have computer access. Thank you so much for another awesome podcast!

  • Kathleen Morrissey

    great webinar – lots of practical information on podcasting – and Brent is passionate about podcasting! Inspiring!!!

  • Jill Eichner

    Great webinar tonight! Please send my certificate to my email address. Thanks so much.
    Jill Eichner

  • Sonya R.

    The Elluminate session on “Podcasting with Passion” was wonderful! Full of information and as always moderated with excellence! Thanks Again for passing on such useful information to educators!

    Sonya R.

  • http://cunninghamfive.wikispaces.com Brett Cunningham

    I had to miss this webinar! I am desperate to find out more about podcasting in the classroom. Might there be another webinar on education tech/podcasts in the future? Thank you!

  • Katie Mitchell

    The webinar was wonderful! Brent is fabulous and is doing great things in his classroom! My students and I listened to one of Mr. Coley’s class podcasts and they were super excited when I told them we were going to try it too!! Thanks so much!

  • Maryanne Krasinski

    That was truly awesome. I have been checking out Mr. Coley’s webpage. Does he sleep? Please send my certificate for participation to my e-mail address. Thanks.

  • Lenora Broome

    The podcasting information was very informative. We have students in our STLP program that have been making podcasts. Now this is one more way to incorporate information to make it content specific. Thanks for the ideas!

  • Joe Ganns

    As a teacher of special ed students I am always looking for ways to make instruction interesting. The use of podcasting that uses what the kids are already interested in (BrainPop) will help enhance instruction even more. Thanks for the suggestions and ideas. Mr. Coley is inspiring.

  • lenora.broome

    We have seen students make podcasts for various STLP projects but until watching Mr. Coley I hadn’t thought about using podcasting and BrainPop together. What a great idea to introduce or reinforce content.

  • Veronica M

    This webinar was great. Mr. Coley gave me many new ideas on how to use podcasts in the classroom. Can’t wait to get my students more involved with podcasts next year.

  • Michelle Sturgill

    I never knew what a podcast was before I watched this webinar. GREAT IDEA! I definitely would like to try it at some time in my career. Please send my certifcate to the email address above. Thanks!

  • http://www.brainpop.com/educators Allisyn Levy

    That’s so great to hear, Michelle! I would love to hear how you experiment with this in the future! Please keep us updated!