Test Prep Strategies

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It’s that time of year again… I’ve been out visiting schools (one of my favorite things to do!) and remember the toll test prep pressures took on my students and me. My grade level really found BrainPOP helpful in changing attitudes towards test prep and making it a more enjoyable experience for all involved. I’ll spend the next week or so sharing some of my own tips, and I invite you to share yours as well!


*BrainPOP Jr. models the process of elimination by x’ing out wrong answers. You can model the same thing for your students with BrainPOP, and use both the online and printed versions of both quizzes for hands-on student practice! If you’re using an interactive whiteboard, get those students up there getting rid of the obvious wrong answer(s), and practicing any other annotation you teach.

*Help students develop test taking skills by having them practice writing their own questions and answers. One of my favorite things to do with my interactive whiteboard was to use the windowshade tool to cover up the question, leaving only the multiple choice answers. By analyzing the answers, students learned how to figure out what the question must be. Great higher order thinking! The reverse also works well – cover up the answers and have students write their own based on the question. If you don’t have an interactive whiteboard, you can easily print BrainPOP’s quizzes and white out the questions or answers to do this.

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