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Kindergarten teacher, Axy Duffell, from Port Orange, Florida, sent us this photo displaying her class assignment on Solids, Liquids, and Gases.  She noted how impressed she was that some of her kindergarteners understood the transference of energy to change states after watching the BrainPOP Jr. movie! Here’s what she did:

I began the lesson with a discussion about changes in matter. I asked a few questions and checked for comprehension. Then, I played the BrainPOP Jr. video on “Changes States of Matter“. I used the “pause cues” and asked questions about the video. Once the video ended, I used the “Draw About It” activity. My students absolutely loved it and immediately began drawing their answers. While they were drawing I went around the classroom asking each student to tell me what they were drawing about.  Once they were done and asked each of my students to come up and present their drawing to the class!

I hope you’ll play around with our BrainPOP clipart and Moby alphabet to make your bulletin boards and BrainPOP activities fun for your students (and easy for you!). You can find these resources on our Just For Fun page.

Thanks for sharing, Axy! Please join Axy and show us what you’re doing with BrainPOP bulletin boards in your classrooms! We’d love to publish it for the world to see on our Bulletin Board!

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