Guest Blogger: 6 Steps to Success in Teaching with Technology

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I am a big fan of Lucas Kent’s book, 6 Steps to Success in Teaching with Technology. Lucas clearly approaches technology integration with an experienced teacher’s mentality. I highly recommend his book, which addresses the range of comfort levels teachers have with technology and how to best, sensitively meet everyone’s needs. Very down to earth and practical! Without further adieu, I’m excited to introduce Lucas Kent as this week’s guest blogger!

I am always looking for e-learning products that are useful and will stand the test of time for our school board. So many products come and go, and don’t really address the long-term needs of schools. That is why I am a big fan of BrainPOP, which we have been subscribing to for the past 3 years. Our teachers from K-8 are now all using BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr. to enhance their lessons. It is amazing to see students engaged and getting so much out of these short videos. Many of our teachers also use Promethean ActiVotes with BrainPOP’s Quizzes, which help teachers get a clear picture of student understanding. BrainPOP’s activities, games, word walls, jokes, comics and their new BrainPOP Educators section only enhance an already amazing product.

In my recent book, 6 Steps to Success in Teaching with Technology, and on my e-learning website, www.MrKent.Net, I highlight BrainPOP as one of the top e-teaching tools for K-12. I believe that when teachers Understand Why, Adapt, Plan, Do Their Homework, Implement Effectively and Keep Up to Date with e-learning that not only will they be successful teachers, but students will be successful learners. BrainPOP has fit nicely into this new age of learning and I am looking forward to figuring out new ways to incorporate it into my teaching.

Lucas Kent
Grade 6 Teacher & E-Learning Consultant
Burkevale School
Ontario, Canada

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