December Spotlight: Ancient Cultures

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Fear not! The resources on Ancient Cultures you’ve been searching for are here!  We are confident that students will love learning about these important cultures from the past with Moby, Tim, and Annie as their tour guides. Start with the Roman Republic Activity Pages before you even watch the movie! These will be perfect to return to for note-taking during the movie and to revise afterwards. Many teachers and parents find it useful to have students take the Quiz before watching the movie as a quick assessment of what they already know. Then jump in! We’ve got your ancient cultures covered, from The Fall of the Roman Empire to  Mesoamerica, and Homer to Cleopatra! We’re featuring the Roman Republic and  Ancient Egypt (from BrainPOP Jr’s Spotlight) as our two free movies in this Spotlight.

Let us know what you do with these resources by posting below or submitting a lesson plan! We’ll even send you a BrainPOP t-shirt if your lesson plan is published!