Halloween Costume Challenge!

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Do you have your Halloween costume yet?
Well, what could be cooler than dressing up as your favorite BrainPOP or BrainPOP Jr. character?
We’ve seen some very creative BrainPOP-inspired costumes over the years (pictured above – Joshua as Moby and Christian as Tim, from Port Orange Elementary in Florida), and thought it would be fun to create a contest! So get those cardboard tubes, boxes, and construction paper out, and start crafting! Individual students, small groups, or classes are welcome to collaborate! Send in a photo of your student-made costume with a signed release form (download below) to enter. The top three contest winners will receive a box of BrainPOP goodies for you and your class!

If your students don’t participate in Halloween, they can always draw their favorite BrainPOP characters. Student drawings, along with signed release forms, may be mailed in and published on BrainPOP Jr.’s Bulletin Board.

You can print the release form here:


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