School Museum Exhibit

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Laurie and Allyson, Project Discovery Science teaching partners at K.W. Barrett Elementary School in Arlington, VA, used the BrainPOP Jr. video, “Plant Life Cycle” as an introduction to the exhibit they set up in their Discovery Lab.  The exhibit, TO BE A TREE, was loaned to them by the Virginia Living Museum.  Other educators may be interested in knowing about these exhibits (they have about 15 different exhibits). They are called Discovery Boxes.  Here is the link:

Oh, and the fun speech bubbles? Check out: to learn how to create free, online speech bubbles! Just think of the ways you can use this with BrainPOP. For starters, I’m thinking to invite students to translate Moby’s beeps into real words…  What else? Post your ideas here!

Thanks for sharing, Laurie & Allyson!