Grant Support!

Trying to find a way to fund a BrainPOP or BrainPOP Jr. subscription for your classroom, school, or district? I’m in the process of collecting ideas and resources to help educators get BrainPOP subscriptions. Do you have a subscription to BrainPOP? How did you fund BrainPOP at your school? Please post your stories and tips in the comments below! I will compile all grant resources into a new page to feature on BrainPOP Educators so everyone can benefit.

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  • Scott

    I’m a big fan of Teachers are able to submit their needs to the site, and visitors are able to donate towards their goal.

  • Robert

    I have been using BrainPOP for years and was convinced from the start of what a great resource it was. My first year was my using classroom funds to subscribe as a teacher, but I made sure to show it off to other peers. Explaining that it is more cost effective to have a school subscription, I followed these ideas:Moby-lize! Tell fellow teachers of the often offered trial subscriptions for run through their classrooms.Demonstrate at a faculty meeting using their daily free video… it only takes 10 minutes!Approach your administration prepared with standards and reference of BrainPOP kudos and awards.Present to your PTA or SAC for funding through school improvement…. Parents were a very influential force at my school and were sold immediately on such a cost effective resource for the whole school.

  • Pam G.

    Robert is “spot on” with his wonderful suggestions on how to acquire BP for your school. I presented BP to my school’s PTO as well and “won them over” with the quality of the video content, the teacher features and the state standards. I am proud to be a presenter of BP at conferences as well! One neat idea that I do at my school is when my Media Specialist and I “trade spaces.” She takes over my computer lab and I take over her media center for a week. The media center currently has a large screen and installed projection system capable of handling large audiences. While she is training students how to use the media center’s web based resources for 36 individual students, I am teaching science or other core curriculum to an equally large whole group. I utilize the online assessments as well as the paper version to give to the classroom teachers for an instant grade. Once the teachers see the full potential of BP, many more get on board using it and planning their lessons around BP!