NECC Feedback

Look familiar? If you were at NECC, you probably saw what we refer to as Giant Moby hanging high above our BrainPOP booth. We were pretty excited about our booth set up this year, but would love to hear what you thought of it! Please post comments of your BrainPOP booth experience! We love feedback!

And just for fun, I’m including a behind the scenes shot of the making of Giant Moby!

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  • Robert Miller

    The Giant Moby was great… could be seen across the expanse! An accurate depiction which I am sure is no easy task in 3D inflatables. Maybe he could dangle lower as if hovering just above the booth? It seems that everyone was caught up in what was going on below and might have been missed.The booth layout was the best I have seen… and what a location- was that by chance? With the four corners being used as stations rather than the edges was perfect. Many comments about how approachable and kid-friendly the booth was (supported by the many children who just plopped on a seat to watch a film). In an arena full of flashing lights, sharp lines, and gimmicks– it was refreshing to swap ideas with fellow subscribers and share tips with future users amongst fresh flowers, character cutouts, and inviting nooks. The hand out literature was perfect and I am glad to see that such is also offered to teachers on this site who want to go back and do their own inservice.The live Moby mascot was a hit (and a ham) with teachers taking pictures that are sure to be desktop wallpapers in the upcoming school year.A well-planned physical booth and active presentation by all!

  • Karen

    Hey Allisyn:I have a great suggestion….I loved Giant Moby and Normal Moby, now what about mini Moby (think Beanie Baby size).I’ll take the 1st one!

  • allisyn

    We have considered making mini plush Moby’s! I will be sure to let you know when we move forward with that plan! Thanks!

  • Teryl

    The Brainpop crew was wonderful and NECC was great! Thank you for a wonderful time and experience. You all are a wonderful group of people.