Introducing the Make-a-Map™ Concept Map Tool by BrainPOP – Powered by Ideaphora

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Make a concept map with BrainPOP?  It’s true!  BrainPOP’s new Make-a-Map™ is an open ended tool can be used to take notes, organize ideas, create stories, study and much more.  Unlike other concept mapping tools, the Make-a-Map allows students to embed video moments from BrainPOP animations in each individual node!  Clicking the play button in each node allows students to replay clips!  The Make-a-Map feature will be available on BrainPOP for My BrainPOP users in school year 2014-2015.  How will you use Make-a-Map? Let us know in the comments!

  • Sarah Glatz

    Only for laptop or computer? All of our students have iPads. Will this work on the iPad?

    • cemignano

      Hi Sarah!

      Unfortunately our site will not work on a mobile device unless you use the app which doesn’t include Make-a-Map. Our mobile-friendly site is currently in the works! Apologies for the inconvenience!