Demo Observations

This Demo Observations graphic organizer is a useful tool to guide students in thinking deeply and to record their scientific observations. Using this graphic organizer, students follow along during a science experiment or other demonstration and record their observations about it. They write what they saw, a hypothesis about what happened, what they were correct about, and what they learned. There is also an area on the graphic organizer for recording new vocabulary encountered during the demo.

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Filed as: 3-5, 6-8, 9-12, Acceleration, Acids and Bases, Active Transport, Air Pollution, Albert Einstein, Algae, Aliens, Amphibians, Antibiotic Resistance, Ants, Arachnids, Asexual Reproduction, Asteroids, Atomic Model, Atoms, Autumn Leaves, Avalanches, Bacteria, Bats, Batteries, Behavior, Biofuels, Birds, Body Chemistry, BrainPOP, Building Basics, Buoyancy, Camouflage, Carbon Cycle, Carbon Dating, Carnivorous Plants, Cats, Cell Specialization, Cell Structures, Cells, Cellular Respiration, Changing States of Matter, Charles Darwin, Chemical Bonds, Chemical Equations, Class Handouts, Classification, Classroom Organization, Climate Types, Close-Knit Neighbors, Clouds, Cnidarians, Coaster Creator, Color, Comets, Compounds and Mixtures, Conditioning, Conservation of Mass, Constellations, Coral, Crystals, Current Electricity, DNA, Dark Matter, Deserts, Diffusion, Dinosaurs, Distance, Rate, and Time, Dogs, Dolly the Sheep, Dolphins, Earth, Earthquakes, Eclipse, Ecosystems, Electricity, Electromagnetic Spectrum, Elephants, Energy Pyramid, Energy Sources, Erosion, Everglades, Exoplanets, Extinction, Fire, Fish, Floods, Food Chains, Force, Forms of Energy, Fossils, Fuel Cells, Galaxies, Galileo Galilei, Gas and Oil, Genetic Mutations, Genetics, Geologic Time, Gills, Global Warming, Graphic Organizers, Gravity, Greenhouse Effect, Heat, Heredity, Hibernation, Honeybees, Horses, Human Body, Human Evolution, Humidity, Hurricanes, Ice Age, Inclined Plane, Insects, International Space Station, Invertebrates, Ions, Isotopes, Jupiter, Kinetic Energy, Land Biomes, Landform Detectives, Leap Year, Levers, Life Cycle of Stars, Light, Magnets, Making Observations, Mammals, Marie Curie, Mars, Measuring Matter, Mercury, Metabolism, Metals, Metamorphosis, Metric Units, Microbes, Microscopes, Migration, Milky Way, Mineral Identification, Mitosis, Mollusks, Monotremes, Mountains, Nanotechnology, Natural Disasters, Natural Resources, Natural Selection, Neptune, Newton's Laws of Motion, Nitrogen Cycle, Nuclear Energy, Ocean Currents, Ocean Floor, Oceans, Oncology, Outer Solar System, Pandas, Passive Transport, Penguins, Plant Growth, Plastic, Plate Tectonics, Pluto, Pollination, Power, Primates, Property Changes, Protozoa, Pushes and Pulls, RNA, Radioactivity, Reach for the Sun, Recycling, Relativity, Rivers, Rock Cycle, Salt, Satellites, Saturn, Savanna, Science Projects, Scientific Method, Seasons, Seed Plants, Seedless Plants, Simple Machines, Sink or Float, Six Kingdoms, Snowflakes, Soil, Solstice and Equinox, Sound, Space Flight, Spiders, Static Electricity, Stem Cells, Sun, Symbiosis, Taiga, Teacher Resources, Telescopes, Temperature, Thunderstorms, Tides, Time Zones, Tsunami, Tundra, Underwater World, Venus, Volcanoes, Water, Water Cycle, Water Pollution, Water Supply, Waves, Weather, Weathering, Wind, Wind Energy, Work, pH Scale