Natural Resources

Have you ever considered how much use we make of our planet? From the air we breathe to the timber we use for shelter to the minerals we refine into metals, life just wouldn’t be livable without our natural resources. But what are the consequences of overuse? Join Tim and Moby in this BrainPOP movie as they look into these valuable commodities: what defines them, where they come from, and how we put them to use. You’ll find out about the difference between renewable and nonrenewable resources, and why we need to conserve both!

Differentiated Lesson Plan for Recycling: Make a Map

In this lesson plan which is adaptable for grades 2-5, students use BrainPOP resources (including the Make-A-Map concept mapping tool and GameUp) to explore how they can recycle in their community. See more »

Earth Awareness Lesson Plan: What’s Your Cause?

In this lesson plan, which is adaptable for grades 3-8, students choose an area of earth awareness that is of interest to them and use BrainPOP resources to explore the topic in-depth. Students will use internet resources to conduct their research and use PowerPoint to communicate what they learned. This lesson plan is aligned to Common Core State Standards.  See more »

The Environmental Cost of Oil Lesson Plan: How Oil Production Can Impact Oceans

In this lesson plan, which is adaptable for grades K-5, students use BrainPOP Jr. and/or BrainPOP resources to learn the environmental cost of oil, and that that the ocean is a complex ecosystem that is home to a variety of animals and plant life. Students will make and test predictions about how oil and pollutants react with water, and explain how pollutants such as oil significantly impact humans and the environment. Students then work in cooperative learning groups to create a project that demonstrates what they have learned. This lesson plan is aligned to Common Core State Standards.  See more »

Natural Resources Background Information for Teachers and Parents

This page contains information to support educators and families in teaching K-3 students about natural resources. The information is designed to complement the BrainPOP Jr. movie Natural Resources. It explains the type of content covered in the movie, provides ideas for how teachers and parents can develop related understandings, and suggests how other BrainPOP Jr. resources can be used to scaffold and extend student learning. See more »

Natural Resources Activities for Kids

These K-3 activities provide parents and educators with ideas for reinforcing learning at home about natural resources. These activities are designed to complement the BrainPOP Jr. Natural Resources topic page, which includes a movie, quizzes, online games, printable activities, and more. See more »