Apps we Love

Though the Featured Movie BrainPOP App provides all your favorite BrainPOP content in a nifty little bundle, there are hundreds of thousands of other apps out there, many of which we love. Everyone has their favorites, and here is a list of some of ours,  taken from your ideas shared in the BrainPOP Educator Community.





ScreenCasting Apps

ScreenChomp, Showme and Explain Everything.   These screencast apps allow you to draw, write, record and share everything on your screen. They are useful for creating your own visual explanations or having students explain their thinking behind problem solving.  There is no better way to assess than hearing a student talk about their thinking, these apps make it easy to do.





Talking Toons Apps

Have a reluctant talker?  Talking Tom and Morfo are fun apps that allow you to record your voice, tweak it,  and play it back as a cat, dog, or an avatar based version of any photograph you load!  These are tons of fun and are great ways to get young children engaged with expressing their ideas!





Animation Apps

As BrainPOPPers we get excited about animation and comics! Doodle Movie Challenge Pro and Strip Designer are just 2 examples of useful apps for designing comic adventures!





Digital Story Telling Apps – In Real Time!

ToonTasticSock Puppets and Puppet Pals allow the user to act out scenarios and record their voice simultaneously.  They are particularly useful  to incorporate into the writing process.   Prompt real dialogue!  Encourage playful expression!  Take a risk with your voice that you might not want to take with the pencil or word processor!




BrainPOP Partner iCIvics has introduced Pocket Lawfirm on iOS.  Win this game by taking on cases, matching advocates with clients and working hard for justice!


Keep checking back as we add more of your favorites to this page!