August Spotlights

August Spotlight

The beginning of August means the beginning of the school year is just around the corner and our Back to School spotlight has just want you need to get your students ready for a successful school year.  We’ve included topics such as Online Safety, Bullying, Washing Hands, Getting Help, and Friends so you can build a classroom community and support the optimum learning environment.  Give students a peek at some of the activities and skills they’ll cover throughout the school year with our Reading Skills, Research, Book Report, and Making Observations movies.  We’ve even included some lesson plans and graphic organizers to include in your back-to-school plans!

August’s Nature of the Universe spotlight is out of this world!  Satisfy students’ curiosity of outer space with our Black Holes, Galaxies, and Constellations movies.  We’ve also included our very own BrainPOP created game, Chronopticon, as part of this spotlight so students can take an interactive approach to learning about the Earth-Moon-Sun system.  Since we’re lucky enough to experience two full moons this month (August 2nd and 31st), don’t forget to check out our Moon Phases movie to celebrate the occasion.