Webinar Alert: Using BrainPOP ESL in the Classroom

Assess, Reflect, and Redirect

Using BrainPOP ESL in the Classroom
Tuesday, September 13
6:30 PM EST
Duration: 1 Hour

Get acquainted with BrainPOP ESL and all of its components. Learn how to search and plan for specific lessons, take advantage of teacher resources, and see how engaging the eight interactive features accompanying each movie can be. BrainPOP ESL makes learning English fun; we’ll show you how to harness its power in the classroom.

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  • lscott1

    i just watched the esl webinar. i enjoyed it.

  • mhinton

    I just watched the Brainpop ESl and loved it. I will use it often with my bilingual classes. The children love brainpop and we use it for every subject.