July Spotlights

Happy Summer! Check out our July Spotlights to fold a little learning into summer!

Spotlight: Red, White & Blue: celebrate American history and independence with all that makes us patriotic! From the American Revolution to Political Parties to Citizenship, you can explore our country’s history with our movies, quizzes, and interactive activities. We’ve also got a free lesson plan to guide students in Revolutionary Research.

Spotlight: Animals: Honeybees, Horses, Dolphins, Fish… summer is a great time for students to delve deeper into the subjects they’re most curious about. We’ve got free lesson plans to give you some tips on guiding learning – check them out here!

Our Spotlight: Space is out of this world! Log on for topics including Black Holes, Comets, Exoplanets, Galaxies, Galileo Galilei, the International Space Station, Life Cycle of Stars, Mars, Outer Solar System, Saturn, and Space Flight. For K-3, there’s Moon, Earth, Solar System, and Sun. Plus, take advantage of BrainPOP Educators’ space-themed lesson plans.

Have a safe, fun 4th of July!

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