Seeking Comic Creators for ISTE

What do you get when you combine creativity, good humor, and an interest in educational technology? The beginnings of a great comic strip or cartoon for the ISTE Daily Leader!

ISTE welcomes all kids and adults to submit a comic or cartoon for possible showcasing in their newspaper of record during the annual ISTE conference in Philadelphia, June 26-29.

The scoop:

*Create a comic displaying something funny about technology in education or the ISTE conference

*Single panel or up to 3 panels, must fit within the 8th page (4.75 in W X 3.4 in H)

*Appropriate for an audience of all ages

*Include name, age, location (institution, city, state/province, and country) and technology used (if any)

*Submit as a high-resolution PDF or jpg at 300 dpi

*Must be original and not previously published

To be considered, entries must be submitted via email to Editor Kate Conley, by June 3, 2011. For full details, click here.

Want to get your students involved but not sure where to start? Use BrainPOP topics like Traditional Animation, Dialogue, and Drawing to build background knowledge.  Explore BrainPOP Jr.’s Belly Up and BrainPOP’s FYI comics for ideas and examples, you’ll find one cheeky comic with each and every topic.  Use BrainPOP Educators two panel and four panel typeable and printable comic strip templates to practice making funny captions to go along with pictures. Infuse 21st century skills with students by creating your comics or cartoons totally online, check out 10 Ways to Create Comics Online by Richard Byrne for more ideas!

Do you have ideas or resources for creating comics or cartoons with students? Post comments below.