Tornadoes Sweeping the South

If the kids in your life have seen the news in the past few days, they’ve seen the devastating weather that’s plaguing parts of the U.S.  It’s scary stuff.  To help explain what’s happening, we’re offering free access to our Tornadoes topic. For more relevant topics, explore our Spotlight: Natural Disasters.

Need some tips on working the topic into your lessons? Use the Tornadoes quiz, Q&A, or KWL chart for an idea of what students already know and what they want to learn. As new questions crop up, return to the topic and add to the KWL chart. Use our printable and typeable Activity Pages to reinforce concepts. The In Practice feature of the Tornadoes FYI is another way to review: have the class come up with tornado safety tips or come up with their own safety plan.

Amid the recovery efforts, our thoughts go out to everyone affected by this devastation and to those helping to provide relief.

How are you addressing the tornadoes with your students? Please share your tips, thoughts, or ideas.