IMAX & BrainPOP Team Up: Enter Our “Wild” Contest

We’ve partnered with IMAX on a great initiative dedicated to raising awareness about conservation efforts and endangered species. The partnership means extraordinary online (and free!) resources for you from IMAX as well as two brand new BrainPOP movies: Primates and Elephants. Both debut as part of our Spotlight: Earth Awareness.

On March 30th, just before the April 1 start of Earth Awareness Month, we’ll offer a special webinar entitled Using a Multimedia Approach to Teach Earth Awareness. In conjunction with this webinar and the partnership with IMAX, we invite you to submit a multimedia K-8 lesson plan related to earth awareness, conservation, or endangered species. Use BrainPOP and an array of other educator tools courtesy of IMAX: behind-the-scenes clips from the upcoming movie “Born to Be Wild 3D,” webisodes, downloadable educator activities, and more. You could win tickets for your class to see the film at an IMAX theater near you! Get more contest information here, and/or during the webinar. Hope you’ll join us!

Get the details and RSVP for the webinar – space is limited.

  • William King

    Brain Pop is cultivating new frontiers in education,in doing so is inspiring to teachers who arn’t afraid of trying something new.