BrainPOP’s Dr. Kari Stubbs on the ISTE Ballot

BrainPOP’s own Dr. Kari Stubbs, Vice President of 21st Century Learning, is running for a position on the Board of Directors for the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE). Elections run from now until April 11. Visit ISTE for more information about the election or to cast your vote.

When asked how she envisioned leveraging her position on the ISTE Board to benefit ISTE members, this was Kari’s answer:

I look to ISTE as the leader in the field of education technology. The online resources, social learning networks, learning opportunities, annual conference, and many affiliate conferences make it a reliable, visionary go-to resource for all things ed tech. ISTE reaches all levels of educators, from the classroom teacher to the library media specialist to the district chief technology officer and everyone in between. My own experiences in this field include 11 years in the classroom, leadership on my building technology advisory committee, program management of the Title IID in Kansas, a PhD in Curriculum with a technology emphasis, opportunities to teach undergraduate and graduate level courses, and work in the corporate side of education through ePals and BrainPOP. Throughout my career both in and out of the classroom, ISTE has supported my efforts to reach students through technology. Because of my background, I can bring a special perspective – a personal perspective – to the Board. I was the teacher struggling to effectively integrate technology into my curriculum. I was exploring 21st century skills before there was such a label. I’ve rolled up my sleeves and learned about the academic side of this field through my graduate courses and research. As a vice president at BrainPOP, I’ve been able to see how vendors support and partner with schools and districts to improve student learning.  As a result of my experience, I believe that I can relate to and support many of your ISTE members in my position on the board.

How do YOU take advantage of ISTE’s resources? To learn more about the election, voting, or technology in education; explore all ISTE has to offer.