Student Teachers Webinar

Yesterday we were joined by student teacher Megan Hoke, from Atlanta, GA, as a special guest, facilitating “Using BrainPOP to Study for Teacher Certification Tests.” Since student teachers often have limited experience to draw from, and are expected to perform in a high pressure environment, Megan thought BrainPOP was a powerful tool for learning and reviewing subject area content, as well as teaching strategies. Megan was fabulous, and offered tons of good ideas. You can access a recording of the webinar. Feel free to pass it along!

Here are some ideas that came out of the webinar.

  • Tools for Reviewing/Learning Content (Standards Tool!)
    • BrainPOP
      • review vocabulary on Activity Pages
      • watch videos with CC to learn/review content
      • use POPQuiz
        • before watching video, preview ?s or quick assessment
        • take quiz after video
        • use quiz to review before going on to a new topic
    • BrainPOP Jr.
      • watch videos with CC to learn/review content
      • use Word Wall (Big Word Wall is organized by subject!)
      • Draw/Write/Talk About It offer writing prompts with graphic organizers — these could easily be questions you might get or offer ideas for teaching content
  • Tools for Teaching Strategies
    • Ideas for Grown Ups – offers background info and teaching strategies
    • BrainPOP Educators Video Tutorials – browse for ideas
    • BrainPOP Educators Lesson Plans – browse for ideas

Ideas or thoughts to add? Please post below!