BrainPOP Launches Free iPad App!

We’re proud to present the new free BrainPOP Featured Movie app for the iPad!

We’re pretty excited about putting BrainPOP directly at kids’ fingertips. There’s something unique about touching the screen that draws kids (and grownup kids) into an immediate and personal learning experience.

The BrainPOP Featured Movie app delivers fresh, animated movies every day, with content relevant to significant historical and current events such as Earth Awareness and Financial Literacy topics in April. After watching the Featured Movie, students can test their new knowledge with the accompanying interactive quiz.  We think the app is a whole lot of fun, with a beautiful design. Please take a moment to rate, review, and share the app!

Don’t have an iPad? You can always embed BrainPOP’s free Featured Movie in your own blog or website with our Featured Movie player.

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  • Tom Bober

    Wondering if BrainPop will be offering more functionality on the iPad so that those of us with subscriptions can utilize the iPad for all of the content. Love this as a first step.

  • Karina

    HI Tom.

    It’s certainly something we’re considering. It requires a LOT of work because BrainPOP runs entirely in Flash (and the iPad is sans Flash), so we’re testing the water with this app. It’s a good learning experience for us and educators feedback will be extremely valuable- thank you!

  • Tom Bober

    That’s great to hear Karina. Just found that we’ll be purchasing several iPads for testing purposes. I’m glad apps like yours will be out there for our students to utilize.

  • Jennifer Siders

    YES! Please continue with the iPad effort. My kids have been using Brainpop for a couple of years (homeschool) and its great to have it on the iPad.
    Thanks for all your great work!

  • Brad

    Our family has a membership and would love the ability to login and watch brainpop videos on the iPad!

  • paul Knight

    Well done – my son adores brainpop and keeps quoting all sorts of amazing stuff he’s picked up from it. I appreciate your positive spirit re iPad, but i still think its not the best for primary education because it lacks the creative options of a fully fledged computer. I encourage people to sign my petition to express disappointment to apple about exlcuding flash from iPad

    But life moves on – well done, brainpop and iPad are a perfect fit conceptually, if not technologically at this stage!

  • http://none Brandon

    I completely disagree Paul. My school has purchased two dozen iPads and we’ve discovered a ton of uses for them at the primary level. Our primary students love to write stories, record podcasts and many other fun projects. We also just started to scratch the surface with offerings from the iTunes store with the interactive book offerings being the most popular to date.

    As for BrainPop on the iPad – one word … YES! Our school would be happy to pay an additional fee for this access.

  • Allisyn

    Wow – 2 dozen iPads at school! Pretty amazing. I’d love to hear more about how you’re using them, Brandon! Thanks for keeping the conversation going!

  • Sue

    That’s nice… I really planned to buy two iPads for my kids and knowing there’s an app like this that’s useful for my kids, it keep me wanting to buy even more…

  • Andrea

    Yes! Please get brainpop working on ipads. We are starting to use ipads with special needs children in my school and having access to brainpop on the ipad would be a huge benefit for us.

  • jsanford

    Our school is starting a 1 to 1 program with iPads. I would love a BrainPop app that offered all of the great BrainPop features.

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  • rbest

    Does the app allow students to use their own logins so that their quiz results go straight to the educator? I can’t seem to log my students in.

    • cemignano

      Hi rbest! Unfortunately, the My BrainPOP feature (individual login, submissions, etc.) is not yet integrated with our mobile apps. Students are only able to save their results to the device at this time. Our apologies for the inconvenience!

  • linda basich

    is there a way to get all the games and activities that come with the movies?