Classroom Games? Why Not?

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Classroom Games? Why Not? Play Is Important For Deep Learning

Wednesday, March 31
4:30 PM EST
Duration: 1 Hour
Studies show that interactive games and “game-like” media are a vital component in student engagement. Join special guests Dr. Stephanie Throne and Dr. Grace Smith as they share their findings and experiences as both authors and educators. Walk away with an understanding of gaming research and gain ideas for sites that can help you reach today’s learners.

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  • Dr. Kari Stubbs

    What a great topic for a webinar! I’m very interested in what the experts have to say!

  • Julie Back

    I really enjoyed seeing all the resources that you provided. I want to take a closer look at The Alice Project. Thanks for all your help. I have learned a lot from the webinars. Please send a certificate to my e-mail address. Thanks again.


  • Wanda Adkins

    Today’s webinar was informative. I use online games in my class but I learned of other resources to add to my arsenal.

  • Allisyn

    So glad you were able to join us, Julie & Wanda. I’ll add the link to the recording tomorrow, as well as any documents from Grace & Stephanie, our amazing special guests. What a fantastic webinar!

  • Elaine Clawson

    Great presentation with wonderful ideas for teachers.


  • Stephanie and Grace

    As promised, here is a list of the websites that we discussed/visited in our webinar:

    Thanks so much for attending and participating! We really enjoyed it!

    Stephanie and Grace

  • Liz Jackson

    This was a great webinar! It really opens up the possibilities for teaching in a classroom. BrainPop has been a wonderful resource for learning to teach using technology! This is such a fun way to get professional dev. credits. as well. Allisyn, can you send a certificate for this webinar? Thank you!

  • Michelle Sturgill

    I think this is the best webinar I have watched yet. I am a true believer in fun in the classroom and this gave me so many new ideas to try out with my kids. Thank you! Can you please send me a certificate for watching this webinar? Thanks!

  • Elizabeth Ruiz

    Greetings from Ecuador and Thanks a lot for the recorded webminars. I’ve just finished watching it. It was fantastic. Sometimes I can not log in for the webminars due to my schedule but I can join you later. I love BainPop website and its wide variety of materials. I strongly recommend this website to my students and their parents. I’ve even published some of your links in booklets we make at school. They love the “surf the net” section. Hopefully, after the new computer lab openning, we can contact you for bringing your resources here.

  • Allisyn

    Elizabeth! We’re so thrilled that you’re joining in from Ecuador! It’s very exciting to hear that you’re enjoying BrainPOP there! I’ll be sure to continue recording the webinars. Feel free to suggest webinar topics you’d like to see… perhaps you’d like to join me as a co-host some day!