Kids Create Their Own Tim T-shirts

One of the best parts of our jobs is meeting other teachers and seeing how creative they get with BrainPOP. Learn how one teacher was inspired to let kids create their own Tim T-shirts! This is from Teri Valdes, who we met at NJECC:

I enjoy using BrainPOP videos and materials regularly. I teach 6th grade science at Valley Middle School in Oakland, NJ.  When I prepare a unit for the SMART Board, my introduction to the unit always begins with a BrainPOP video link. We watch the video, discuss it, do the quiz and do some of the supplemental materials to kick off a unit.  After watching several BrainPOP episodes, my students asked me if BrainPOP sells their t-shirts online. [We do not.] They enjoy watching Tim wear a new shirt with an image related to each episode.  I thought what a great idea to have the students makes their own t-shirts as a culminating activity. Thanks to Tim and Moby, the children look forward to a new unit in science each time.

Thanks for sharing, Teri!