News of the Night

I just got this email from an outstanding BrainPOP Educator, Adina Popa, who’s been working on creating a new model of professional development at her school. What an honor for BrainPOP Educators to have met their criteria and been chosen as a school resource for PD.

Adina was the driving force behind our amazing series of webinars in February. Adina had the vision of tackling not only 1 webinar, but reaching out to her staff and finding a specialist in each specialty area that was presented. For all the gratitude we feel towards Adina and her colleagues, it’s so thrilling to hear what an impact this had on the flipside. Read all about it here!

Adina’s teams’ criteria for finding a professional network included  1) unrestricted access at school, 2) relevant information pertaining to the resources we are using, 3) free, and 4) provides collaborations amongst a large number of educators.

This only makes me want to take BrainPOP Educators to a new level even more, and I would love your feedback. What features would you like to see here? Additional resources? What does your version of BrainPOP Educators 2.0 look like? Your input is greatly valued.

  • Dr. Kari Stubbs

    Waaaay to go, Adina! You are an inspiration to many BrainPOP Educators! :-)