New Series – Top POPs

I thought I’d try out a new series on the blog, sharing the best of the best tips, tricks, ideas, resources, etc. I’ll start with the most viewed content on our site this month. Did you know all of BrainPOP’s content (including BrainPOP Jr!) is aligned to state standards? Our State Standards Tool makes it super easy to see how BrainPOP content aligns with your state standards. It’s great as a planning tool, and is mighty handy if you need to justify how BrainPOP fits into your curriculum.

The top teacher tips I’ve seen related to this are:

1. Taking your scope & sequence document for each subject area, adding an additional “BrainPOP” column, and inserting links to related BrainPOP movies as they align with your curriculum. Split into teams to divide & conquer, and familiarize everyone with the breadth of BrainPOP content. No need to recreate each year — a quick update will do it!

2. Printing out the lists of BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr. topics. Keep these in your planning notebook, so you can check and see where BrainPOP fits in, whether at home or at a grade level meeting.

3. Using our Curriculum Calendar as a planning tool. See what movies we recommend, whether you’re planning in advance or using BrainPOP on the fly. You also have easy access to all of our Spotlights for planning purposes.

Already doing this stuff? Let’s share! Please post below if you’ve got additional tips for planning with BrainPOP.