President’s Day

BrainPOP’s got plenty of resources for your students to brush up on history. Presidents’ Day, celebrated on the third Monday in February, is almost upon us. Take a poll with your class to vote on which President BrainPOP should make a movie about next, and see who’s in the lead so far! Both BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr. have age-appropriate movies on George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, whose birthdays fall in February, along with many other related topics and interactive features to extend learning before, during, and after watching the movies. Try using the Quizzes in a game show format, dividing the class into two teams for a little healthy competition! You can always have a rematch after reviewing the movies again. There’s also lots of fun packed into our FYIs and Belly Up comics.

Happy Presiden’ts Day!

How are you preparing your students for President’s Day? Please share ideas below!