Winter Olympics – Opening Ceremonies This Friday!

I found that when I was in the classroom and I had students interested in sports, resources were pretty limited. The 2010 Winter Olympics is an international, historic event that offers a great opportunity to let those kids shine and dive into a subject they are passionate about. I’m sure their enthusiasm would be contagious among peers. I’ve come across a few resources that will complement our movie and interactive features to help bring the Olympics into your classrooms (or take a virtual fieldtrip!). The opening ceremonies kick off in Vancouver this Friday.

BrainPOP – Olympics – Learn about the origins of the Olympics from Tim & Moby, with plenty of cross-curricular interactive activities that will bridge Ancient Greece to 2010.

Archived Webinar: Olympics Science: Online Resources for the Classroom from NBC Learn – Wednesday, February 10th, 4:30pm Pacific Time (US) / 12:30am (next day) GMT/UTC (international times): On February 12th, the torch will light over Vancouver for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. Join the Learning Games Network’s Alex Chisholm and special guest Norman Cohen, producer at NBC Learn, to bring the science of the Winter Olympics home to your classroom. LearnCentral Link:

2010 Fun and Games -A creative dad and his two sons started this blog in cooperation with the Toronto District School Board targeted towards students, teachers, and families in the district. It’s meant to be a fun, educational, and interactive blog that will promote “working hard to achieve your goals” and “aiming high.” The coolest part is that it’s focused on the Olympics as seen through the eyes of his first and third grade sons.

neTtrekker’s blog post on Winter Olympics – This blog post shares fantastic annotated resources, from virtual museums to the science of the Olympics to actual audio and video clips, there is more than enough to get you inspired.

Any others to add to this list? How else can you get your students engaged in the Olympics? Please post below.

  • OllieBray

    I’ve posted 9 of a series of 10 posts of teaching ideas and resources for the Olympic games. It includes links to the science of Olympic sports, Google Earth buildings of the Olympic venues, use of the Nintendo Wii and loads of other stuff. Have a look – would be interested to see what you think.

  • OllieBray
  • allisyn Levy

    Fantastic, Ollie! Thanks so much for sharing. I’m very interested in learning more about Games Based Learning. SO different than when I was in school!

    Ollie’s shared a goldmine with us – not to be missed!