Sharing BrainPOP On Closed-Circuit TV

I love hearing innovative tips from teachers. This one is from Tiffany Michaud at Cannella Elementary in Tampa, FL. She uses BrainPOP during their closed circuit tv program broadcasted each morning. She might start the day with a pop-a-joke from BrainPOP Jr., show a timely movie that relates to the entire school (MLK, Earthquakes), or use the different features of BrainPOP that fit into the various segments of their school news show. When I showed her the FYI feature on BrainPOP, she came up with the idea to have the Cassie and Rita comic up on the tv screens while students were coming into their classrooms. Could lead into a great class discussion that you can return to throughout the day/week.

Thanks for sharing these, Tiffany! Got some new ideas? Add ‘em on!