Our First Twitterview!

Many teachers are starting to use Twitter to broaden their PLN, or Personal Learning Network. Twitter enables teachers to tap into other educators from around the globe, allowing them to share expertise, ideas, and resources. A few teachers are starting to use Twitter with students, provided it’s not blocked by their district or school.

This afternoon, third graders from Sts. Philip and James School in Long Island, NY, will conduct a Twitterview (Twitter + interview) with Tim, Annie, and Moby, who will be answering questions — in 140 characters or less! Tune in to Twitter at 1:30 EST, or take a look at this Twitterlist to catch up.  Special thanks to Tech Teacher George Haines for bringing Twitter + BrainPOP into the classroom.

Are you using Twitter in your school? We welcome you to collaborate and interact with @timandmoby  @annieandmoby or @brainpop!

  • mslinch

    George’s 3rd graders came up with terrific questions. The Twitterview was so much fun to follow. A big thanks to everyone who helped!

  • http://Www.teacherhaines.com George Haines

    The Twitterview was great! The kids were so engaged, so enthusiastic and excited.
    The people at BrainPop are so knowledgeable, helpful and willing to help. What a wonderful experience for our school.