What Do You Need On Your Resume To Work At BrainPOP?

Just got back from Florida, where I attended FETC and two incredible school visits. I’ll be blogging about those next week, but wanted to share my first school visit. Before FETC, I visited Robert Miller at Port Orange Elementary School in Port Orange, Florida. I drove up to the school to find “Welcome BrainPOP” signs. I was touched by such a warm welcome. But wait — there’s more. Upon entering the school, I notice some pictures of Tim, Moby, and Annie on the wall. They continued all the way to the office, and I soon realized, beyond. Every hallway had BrainPOP-inspired artwork and writing. My heart was aflutter.

Basically, this is the story of a school who created such a buzz around BrainPOP that it united the school and fueled some major creative energy and motivation. The kids had prepared some questions for my visit, my favorite being, “What do you need on your resume to work at BrainPOP?” Brilliant! I had three extremely intelligent 5th graders give me a tour of the school. Every classroom I went into, every teacher I met, had this amazing energy and enthusiasm for learning. I loved seeing work documenting the process of BrainPOP lessons. It’s nice to step out of the office now and then!

I also got to see Robert Miller’s fifth graders working on a new round of BrainPOP-inspired movies. I met with small groups and gave feedback on their scripts and storyboards. My tour guides were the ones who created the Moby Morsels program, so I got to see it in person. Totally student run, this trio previews BrainPOP movies and activities, and creates challenges around them worth a certain number of Moby Morsels (stamps). They keep track of stamps on 5 x 7 index cards, and as students accumulate points, they can trade in their morsels for prizes.

I have never seen such a POPped out school! What a gem.  I hope to hear about many more schools like this one! Thanks for having me, Port Orange Elementary!

Contagious excitement? Inspired? Tell us about it! How is BrainPOP motivating your students?

  • Dr. Kari Stubbs

    I’m so sorry that I missed the tour, but felt extremely fortunate to co-present a few sessions at FETC with Robert. He’s an extremely talented educator! Congrats to Robert and his entire school!

  • http://www.isshmedia.pbworks.com Mister Norris

    That sounds like a great school and some great ideas! But you didn’t answer the question for us, what do you need on your resume to work at Brain Pop? ;)

  • http://www.maxclassonline.net Robert Miller

    I was there when she read that question… Allisyn’s response to the 3-5th graders was not only do you have to have that background knowledge, but also creative experience, collaborative skills, and flexibility. Great for students to hear that it is not only book smarts, but getting along with peers is just as important as you work towards a common project goal.

    Thank you BrainPOP for giving our entire campus a peek into the collaborative working environment of BrainPOP.

  • http://www.brainpop.com/educators Allisyn

    Heh – you beat me to it, Robert! I have that question hanging up by my desk. Robert pretty much covered my answer, but here are the notes I jotted down when I was preparing for the assembly:
    *hard worker
    *enjoy learning
    *work well with other people
    *able to solve problems in creative ways
    *maybe a little bit crazy!

    I was trying to emphasize that we have many positions, and it takes lots of people who are really good at 1 thing to make BrainPOP work. Again, what a brilliant question from a kid!