New Notebook!

Notice anything different? Yes! BrainPOP Jr. just added a new notebook — Arts & Technology!

The new notebook explores art and art practice, music, and technology, with more to come. We know that many arts budgets have been cut in schools, so many educators are teaching the arts along with other core subjects. We’re designing the resources in our Art and Music units to build cross-curricular connections. In the Musical Instruments movie, Annie and Moby explore different instruments around the globe–a great Social Studies and world cultures link. In the Colors movie, Annie and Moby learn about primary and secondary colors and look at works by Pablo Picasso and Claude Monet, promoting art appreciation and literacy. They look at colors in different paintings to make inferences about the artist’s emotions and work, practicing their critical thinking skills. Why not explore the topic alongside the free Make Inferences movie?

The Technology unit will explore topics such as Parts of a Computer and our free Internet Safety movie, with much, much more to come! If you have movie suggestions for the Arts and Technology notebook, we’d love to hear your ideas!

You might also notice that BrainPOP Jr. combined the Reading and Writing notebooks into one notebook called…wait for it…Reading and Writing. The unit breakdown is slightly different from before, so we encourage you to explore it. We hope you’ll find it more intuitive!

So far, 2010 has been filled with excitement and change and we’re looking forward to building this new content area in the coming months, years, and beyond.

We love hearing from our users and finding ways to make BrainPOP Jr. even better! Please post comments below.

  • Kathy Donovan

    Thank you for adding this section! Social media and file management would be great here also. Love BrainPop!

  • Allisyn

    Thanks for those suggestions, Kathy! Much appreciated. Can you share a bit more about how deeply you go into those 2 topics with your K-3’ers?