Guest Blog: Online Learning With BrainPOP

I’m a middle school math teacher at Minnesota Connections Academy and have been using BrainPOP within my online classroom for almost 4 years now.  Since my students are all online we meet within a virtual classroom where I have the option to share my screen with them so as a class we can watch a BrainPOP video together.  I then assign them activities to do as well as pick out extra assignments from the FYI area.  We also really love looking at
the comics under the FYI section together.  The amount of material that is covered in BrainPOP is amazing and I am constantly finding something new each time I check the website out.  One of the greatest finds so far this year is BrainPOP Educators and all the extra add-ons within there.

My students share their work by emailing me their test results.  They also WebMail me things that they learned by reading the extra articles under the FYI section.  Finally, within my virtual classroom we will pull questions from the quizzes and answer them through a poll tool. Thank you BrainPOP for making learning more fun for me and my students!

Are you an online teacher? How are you using BrainPOP for onlinelearning? Post comments below, or connect with Katie directly.

Katie Stotko
6th – 8th Grade Math

  • mslinch

    Hi Katie.

    I’m so glad your students are benefiting from BrainPOP. Are there any other features that would be useful for an online class to have?