Looking Forward

We’ve got you covered when you get back to school in January with our Book Month Spotlight. Chock full of resources on great authors, and writing a book report, planning should be a breeze. K-3 teachers, be sure to check out the BrainPOP Jr. topics included in this Spotlight!

Looking forward to taking BrainPOP Educators to a new level in 2010! Happy New Year!

How do you envision BrainPOP Educators growing? What kinds of 2.0 tools do you wish for? Post comments! Your input helps us shape our online community.

  • Elizabeth Hubbell

    I’d like to see the movies become available in a mobile, downloadable format so that students can readily have access to 2-3 movies at a time on their handhelds. I realize there are IP issues that would have to be addressed, but perhaps there could be a subscription option in which a teacher’s students can download 2 movies at a time, which expire after a week or so.

    Just brainstorming…keep up the great work!

  • http://brainpopjr Emily Hancock

    I’d really like to show a brain pop video that explains the different types of genres all in one video. I’d also like to show videos that explain different types of reading strategies too! My kids love both sites and I find the videos a great way to start off a unit and use for review!

  • Jamie B

    My students and I are huge fans of Brain Pop Jr! They ask everyday if we are going to watch an episode. I would love to see some on phonics , vowels and grammar. Keep up the great work!