Got a question for Tim and Moby? Someone else may have already asked it!

Here’s an idea to consider before or after viewing BrainPOP movies with your students! After introducing a new topic, do a KWL chart with your students, finding out what they know and what they want to know. Then, dive into our Q&A! Click on the newly updated Q&A icon to reveal a list of questions people have asked us about an individual topic. Select a question to see the answer from a member of the BrainPOP gang!

If your question hasn’t been answered yet, you can write a letter to Tim and Moby using our online form (you can find it by clicking on “Ask your own question about this topic!“). Or, search our database of questions and answers on just about every topic by selecting “Ask a different question!

And for a boost in motivation, we’ve got a blank letter to Tim & Moby in our Graphic Organizers. Having students answer Tim & Moby’s questions from the beginnings of our movies could be a great way to assess students’ knowledge after studying a topic.

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