Checkout our BrainPOP User December Conference Presentations

BrainPOP is on the road at many conferences in December, and is pleased to announce a host of sessions presented by our users this month. This is a great opportunity for you to hear about the integration of BrainPOP by classroom teachers. If you are in the area, attend their session. You’ll also want to stop by the booth, catch a demo, and play the BrainPOP Challenge.

Our first stop is in Virginia for the VSTE conference, November 30-December 1. Adina Popa, from Loudon County and I will be presenting A Classroom without Walls: Using Web 2.0 tools to become 21st Century Global Citizens and Stock Market, Mortgages, and Credit Cards! Do YOUR Students Understand the Current Financial Crisis? Join us at each session to learn more about how BrainPOP is being used in Loudon County schools.

BrainPOP is also looking forward to the LACUE conference in Louisiana, December 2-4. Trish Sheridan, Louisiana BrainPOP user, will be presenting Making Our Lessons Pop with BrainPop. Natalie Lartigue, Louisiana educator from Belle Chasse Middle School, will also be presenting The Top Ten Ways to Use Brain Pop to Meet the Diverse Needs of All Learners. Stop by their sessions to learn more!

This month, BrainPOP is also headed to TETC in Nashville, December 2-3. Our BrainPOP Advisor and Instructional Coach with Knox County Schools, Teryl Magee, will be presenting Make Your Lessons POP! with BrainPOP.

The middle of the month, BrainPOP is headed to Minnesota for the TIES Conference, December 14-15. I’ll be presenting Do YOUR Student Understand the Current Financial Crisis? Spotlight on Financial Literacy.

Are you presenting at an upcoming conference like FETC? We’d love to hear what you’re covering. Send us a synopsis of your presentation and we’ll send you a complimentary Classroom subscription.