Win Professional Development For Your School!

To help ring in the New Year, BrainPOP Educators will be giving away on-site professional development sessions to schools taking advantage of our free offerings for teachers.

Here’s how your school can win:

  • If you haven’t done so already, check out BrainPOP Educators. You’ll find more than 650 free teacher resources including innovative lesson plans, video tutorials, graphic organizers, curriculum planners, shared best practices, and more. Like what’s there? Tell your colleagues. You can use our Invite a Friend tool.
  • Make sure each teacher selects the right school in the registration form. Can’t find your school? Let us know.
  • We’ll tally up all the teachers from your school who register on BrainPOP Educators between November 29th and December 31st, 2009. The top three U.S. schools will each receive a half-day professional development session with one of us.
  • To keep things fair, one prize will go to a small school (enrollment up to 300), one to a medium-sized school (enrollment 301 to 1000), and one to a large school (enrollment over 1000). In the case of a tie, we’ll randomly select one lucky winner.
  • In January, we’ll contact the winners to arrange a mutually convenient date (in 2010) and to customize the training to your school’s needs. On the chosen date, a BrainPOP Educators trainer will spend up to four hours with you and your team. We’ll cover the trainer’s fee, travel and lodging, and any print materials used.

Wanna be a good sport? Share how you spread the word about BrainPOP Educators by posting comments below!

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  • Teryl Magee

    What a great opportunity for three lucky schools!

  • Cindy B

    Looking forward to using BrainPop Jr in the new year!!

  • Linda Coombs

    Our school recently got on board with Brainpop and our students and teachers are loving it! It’s amazing how often Brainpop has materials that supports our current unit of study! I think this contest is a great way for colleagues to have the opportunity to share the resources they use most often so the rest of our teachers and students can benefit as well!

  • Helen Sedillo

    Our district is providing many teachers (over 250) with promethean boards. Showing BrainPop would be an additional resource when using the flip chart lessons and add to the teaching and learning experience. I love that each lesson includes an assessment and provides resources that aid with the concepts. I would like to see more indepth lessons developed. Students are eager to view more, and it’s obvious that they are learning within the short time I’ve had this.
    When playing a video, I pause and soak in each point to the students. I also ask my students questions that I know the video will answer to assess what they know. Students like to compare what they thought to what the video states. Students love the challenge. Also, knowing the video ahead of time allows me to prep them with the activity, or with key points. I use the activity afterwards to reinforce the concepts. The additional resources are helpful.

  • Allisyn

    Sounds like you’re doing great stuff with your kids, Helen. Thanks for sharing! Not sure if you were aware of our partnership with Promethean, but there is a whole collection of flipcharts that integrate BrainPOP:

    as well as some fun resource packs we offer so educators can build their own flipcharts to go along with BrainPOP lessons:

    The resource pack even includes Moby’s “beep” and our POP sound.

    Have fun!