Now if that’s not a feel good photo, I don’t know what is! Carrie Crawford, Librarian at Northbridge International School of Cambodia in Phnom Penh, sent this in! I think it’s one of my favorite pictures ever.

The kids in the library use BrainPOP all the time for finding information on their Units of Inquiry, playing games, taking the quizzes, watching the movies or just having fun. I will have to tell you, it is almost like a reward for them – “Can we play BrainPOP?” Currently we only have 6 computers and it is always a mad rush to see who is going to get there first. Our internet connections in Cambodia sometimes leave a lot to be desired but most days we are able to log on and “play”.

Using BrainPOP internationally? Give us a sneak peek and let us know how you’re using it! And if any US BrainPOP users are looking for a class in Cambodia to be pen pals with, you can reach out to Carrie.

  • Dr. Kari Stubbs

    This is definitely a “feel good photo.” Thanks to Carrie for sharing!