Continuity of Learning

Over 400 schools have already taken advantage of our offer to help ensure continuity of learning during the flu season by pre-registering for two weeks of free school-wide remote access to BrainPOP. Students who are not able to attend classes will have access to BrainPOP Jr. (K-3), BrainPOP, and BrainPOP Español for online learning during school-hours (7am – 5:30pm local time).

Has your class experienced a disruption in learning this season? Please comment below and share how you handled it.

  • http://BrainPopSwineFlu Mrs. Risinger

    While watching the H1N1 video I was disappointed to see the child covering her mouth with her hand instead of sneezing or coughing into her arm. When using their hands to cover their mouths they spread their germs to everthing they touch.