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I have Non-English Proficient learners and they LOVE brainpopesl. It starts them off with simple questions and statements commonly heard and used in the English language–ex. “How are you?” “Where are you?” “He is going to get there.” The kids (and me) like it because it’s entertaining, it’s simple and repetitive, and it has A LOT of different modes to learn the same information (which is great because kids can pick and choose which activities they enjoy and learn best from). I can always hear my little Vietnamese 4th grade student repeating the words in a strong voice on the “Hear It Say It.” She particularly likes this choice. I like the “Facts to Know” because it isolates a category of words (like pronouns), and then the words in a sentence, for context. The flashcards are great too for self checking. As the kids get progressively more proficient with the English language, they move on through the levels and build on their knowledge.

Mara Barandiaran, ESOL Teacher

Minor Elementary School, Gwinnett, GA

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