Reinforce BrainPOP Vocabulary

Looking for a way to reinforce the vocabulary from your favorite BrainPOP unit? Try the game, “I Have/Who Has.”

Create and then distribute cards that feature one vocabulary word and the definition of a different vocabulary word from the same unit of study.

For example, if you’re exploring our Fossils unit, a card might contain the word “fossil” and the definition “inorganic substance,” which corresponds to the word “mineral.” Pick one student to start the game off by reading his or her word and definition as follows: “I have ‘fossil.’ Who has ‘inorganic substance?'” The student whose card contains the matching word – “mineral” – then jumps in. Continue the chain until everyone has responded. In such a way, students strengthen their vocabulary and learn valuable listening skills.

Comment below to tell us how you reinforce BrainPOP vocabulary in your classroom!