Taking Action on Blog Action Day

We’ve been really impressed to hear about so many of you blogging with your classes this year. (In case your students need a primer on blogging, check out our Blogs movie!) The blogosphere has become an important engine for social change and presents a terrific opportunity for kids to utilize 21st-century skills. To that end, with this post we are taking part in this year’s Blog Action Day, now in its third year. The main goal of Blog Action Day, which takes place every October 15th, is to harness the power of blogging for a particular cause. The causes change each year, and this year the cause is climate change.

If you run a classroom blog, this event presents a perfect opportunity to have your students discuss what they know about climate change as well as their personal opinions and any calls to action. In a structured environment, blogging can help young learners hone their persuasive writing skills and feel a sense of ownership over the final published piece. Before they sit down to write, we encourage young bloggers to brush up on their climate change knowledge by exploring some of our Earth awareness topics. And of course, we’d love to hear any stories about your students’ blogging adventures.