Library Media Specialists – Tips & Tricks


In case you missed our webinar for Library Media Specialists, you can access it at your convenience here.

I wanted to highlight some great ideas that came out of the webinar.

Units & Topics that may be of interest to Library Media Specialists:

Study & Reading Skills Unit
Famous Authors & Books Unit
Digital Citizenship Unit
BrainPOP Jr:
Social Studies
Ways to make your life easier & extend BP to families/community outside of school* make BrainPOP or BrainPOP Jr. your homepage* add BrainPOP to your bookmarks or toolbar

* set up AUTO LOGIN

* use library or school webpage to offer suggestions, resources, assignments…

* use our BrainPOP On Your Site feature – take it a step further with assignments

* have fun with our banners and badges

* introduce at faculty and parent meetings. Make sure specialists know about relevant topics (Music, Health…)

* highlight in district, school or parent newsletters

* distribute promotional items (Just For Fun – printable bookmarks, posters, etc)

* assign a resident BrainPOP expert at each school and/or grade level

* utilize our Professional Development offerings to conduct hands-on training for your staff

* highlight BrainPOP best practices at faculty and parent meetings

* hold contests to encourage sharing and collaboration of BrainPOP best practices – we’ll be holding contests via BrainPOP Educators – teachers can win t-shirts, flip cameras, and more…

Please comment below and add on your own ideas!

  • Mary Ann Campbell

    We have a 3 ring binder in the library listing all the movies and how long each movie runs. Our teachers asked for this and find it helpful.

    We have asked each MS teacher to select 5 movies to view and be ready to “assign” as homework to students if the school closes. Students would take the quiz and mail the results to the teacher. When school resumes, the teacher would know what areas to review further.

    I have worked personally with small groups of children on the following movies: Dolphins, Volcanoes, and Telescope. We explored various features. One group did a printed activity, one group took the test, etc. Different features were discussed with different groups. By not showing each child every feature, it encourages individuals to share with their classmates.