Library Media Specialists – Tips & Tricks


In case you missed our webinar for Library Media Specialists, you can access it at your convenience here.

I wanted to highlight some great ideas that came out of the webinar.

Units & Topics that may be of interest to Library Media Specialists:

Study & Reading Skills Unit
Famous Authors & Books Unit
Digital Citizenship Unit
BrainPOP Jr:
Social Studies
Ways to make your life easier & extend BP to families/community outside of school* make BrainPOP or BrainPOP Jr. your homepage* add BrainPOP to your bookmarks or toolbar

* set up AUTO LOGIN

* use library or school webpage to offer suggestions, resources, assignments…

* use our BrainPOP On Your Site feature – take it a step further with assignments

* have fun with our banners and badges

* introduce at faculty and parent meetings. Make sure specialists know about relevant topics (Music, Health…)

* highlight in district, school or parent newsletters

* distribute promotional items (Just For Fun – printable bookmarks, posters, etc)

* assign a resident BrainPOP expert at each school and/or grade level

* utilize our Professional Development offerings to conduct hands-on training for your staff

* highlight BrainPOP best practices at faculty and parent meetings

* hold contests to encourage sharing and collaboration of BrainPOP best practices – we’ll be holding contests via BrainPOP Educators – teachers can win t-shirts, flip cameras, and more…

Please comment below and add on your own ideas!