More Ways to Get BrainPOP Up and Running in Your Classroom

A few more tips…

  • If you only have one computer for the class you can take a tour of the site together. After watching the tour you can use an interactive whiteboard and ask student volunteers to click on different features and explore them as a group.
  • Make it fast and easy for kids to log in. Create a url so students are automatically logged in. Or, add BrainPOP or BrainPOP Jr as a bookmark on your browser’s toolbar. Just go to the homepage and then click on the tiny Moby face at the top of the window (this may be on a tab if you have several tabs open). Then drag the icon to an empty space on your bookmark toolbar. You can also do this with specific movies you’d like kids to view. We’ve also got typeable Subscriber Stickers you can print and stick on or next to each computer monitor. Big help when you’ve got a classroom full of Kindergarteners who all want your help logging in at the same time. ;)
  • You can build BrainPOP or BrainPOP Jr. into your class routines starting in September! For example you can use BrainPOP Jr.’s Belly Up comic as a shared reading for K-3 students. Start by introducing the topic and reading the Belly Up together, modeling fluency and expression. Use the Print feature to make copies available for each of your students or partnerships. Kids can take turns reading the speech bubbles for the characters. For older kids you can use the Cassie and Rita comics from the FYI features to introduce students to new topics.

What’s worked for you? How did you introduce BrainPOP to your students? Share below!