September Suggestions

I imagine that most of you have been spending lots of time building your classroom community and establishing routines. I wanted to share some tips for introducing BrainPOP to your students and weaving BrainPOP into classroom routines — the kind of stuff I kick myself for not thinking of when I was in the classroom! I’d love to hear if you’ve got any tips to share. I’ll continue to add more suggestions throughout the rest of the month.

Ways to Get BrainPOP Up and Running in Your Classroom

  • If you haven’t used computers as a class before, discuss the expectations for this new routine. How many computers are there in the classroom? How will students work on them? Will they work alone, in small groups, or in partners? Will they use headphones to listen to the movies, will they watch them on individual computers or will you watch as a whole class? Where will they print out their work?
  • As with all new tools in your classroom, your students will probably be excited and curious about all the components of BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr. Be sure to give students time to explore the site on their own. This reduces their need to “surf” the site later on, and will familiarize them with the various features and overall interface. Guide their exploration with questions or challenges. Can they use the search feature to find movies on specific topics? What are the three options for the POPQuiz? What happens when they scroll over the words on BrainPOP Jr? Can they find the Big Word Wall? Have them report back to the group to share what they discovered.

Did you find these tips helpful? Got any to add? Please post comments!

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