Happy Blog Day!

That’s right! Today is Blog Day! Blogging is a great way to involve your students in documenting their learning, giving them a broader authentic audience to communicate to, and inviting participation from families.

Here are some great tips on starting a class blog from Edublogger.

I’ve seen some great class blogs that involve BrainPOP, like this one by Dave Kootman:

Kootman’s Class.com

To help you get up and running, BrainPOP’s got a topic on Blogging. Off you go!

How’s it going? Got some ideas to share for incorporating BrainPOP into class blogs? Blogging about BrainPOP? Please let us know by posting comments!

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  • http://www.maxclassonline.net Robert Miller

    Last year one of my 5th Grade students approached me and asked if he could create a blog to highlight BrainPOP movies that we watch (or will watch) with our studies.

    It was a hit… He had a group of “researchers & writers” who brainstormed tasks that could be offered as “easter eggs” in the blog entries. This group worked with Josh and customized independent activities utilizing one of the readily available copies of BrainPOP graphic organizers. There was some creative thought in deciding which worksheet would work best.

    Using a simple blog template in Apple’s iWeb, Josh would take a still shot of a key movie image to use as his screenshot, write an intro, then present the task. The links go straight to that movie on BrainPOP.

    Some posts went over better than others, but that was a learning experience too. He and his committee would then evaluate the assignments turned in and give me a list of who to award “Moby Morsel Points” as extra participation credit.

    You can see last year’s archived POPblog here:

  • http://www.brainpop.com/educators Allisyn

    I love those students who initiate and lead creative projects! Thanks so much for sharing your experiences, Robert!

    ps – here’s a link to the graphic organizers we offer to BrainPOP Educators!