Create a Word Wall with BrainPOP Jr.

Create a Word Wall in your classroom using the vocabulary in BrainPOP Jr.! First, find some index cards or sentence strips and copy the words from the Word Wall section of your favorite BrainPOP Jr. unit onto the cards. Then, post them to a bulletin board or pocket-chart. As you and your class watch the movie and engage in the supplemental activities available, encourage students to add any additional new or unfamiliar words to the wall. You can also print the Word Wall words for each topic, which lends itself to more active participation before (previewing new vocabulary), during (note-taking, sketching), and after (review) the movies. At the end of the study, assess students by playing the Concentration game where students must match the vocabulary word with its definition. It’s a great way to motivate students and teach them new vocabulary.

Tell us how you use the Word Wall feature in your classroom by posting your comments below!