Using BrainPOP Quizzes

On August 17, 2009 I had the privilege to meet the extraordinary staff of Harlandale ISD in San Antonio, Texas.

Many of the teachers that I spoke with loved that students could email their quiz results to the teacher. Some secondary teachers even set up an individual folder for each student to keep track of their BrainPOP quizzes. What a great way to ease report card time! All the students need to do is choose the Graded Quiz option and then type in the teacher’s email address at the end. Did you also know that you can now take the quizzes full-screen? Just click on the icon with the arrows in the top right corner of the movie screen. To return to normal view, just hit the Esc key. For those of you who have interactive whiteboards, the quizzes also work great with learner response systems.

Please spread the word to your colleagues and tell us about your creative ideas for using BrainPOP quizzes with students by sharing your comments below!