Technology Resources – Start Bookmarking Now!

I always find curated, annotated lists of resources helpful, particularly when thinking about planning for a new school year. Penny Ryder, a teacher from Australia, just published a list of 20 Free Learning Technology Resources on her blog, Teaching Challenges. Check it out and see if there’s some new stuff you can integrate into your teaching this year. I’m thrilled that the list starts off with BrainPOP, and we’re in good company on there, with some familiar sites I used when I was in the classroom, as well as some cool new discoveries.

Got any favorite tech resources to add to the list? Post comments below!

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  • Robert M.

    If I had to just share three free EASY resources (not including BrainPOP- always a no brainer! ), they would be <– a great collaborative tool that is taking classrooms by storm, <– like facebook/twitter but with a secure/closed education spin, and <– where students can create MTV like slideshows to share in a number of ways…. (ok- just one more) All of these can then be easily embedded (including BrainPOP’s Featured Movie) in a free class blog created at Good luck to a successful start of another year!